Showcase Saves You Money

You can put thousands of extra dollars into your pocket


How It Works

Real estate commissions can bite a huge chunk out of your profits because the fees are often 4% to 7% or more.

When that happens, the buyer’s broker is typically paid 2% to 3% and the listing broker pockets the difference.


Our fee to list your home is only $3,150 and includes ALL listing services and marketing. That’s lower than Redfin, Purplebricks and most all brokers, Realtors and agents. Period.

Put thousands of extra dollars into your pocket, not a Realtor’s.

Step 1. You decide how much to pay the buyer’s side commission. It’s usually 2% to 3% but it’s always your choice.

Step 2. Simply pay our flat fee of $3,150 and the buyer’s side commission at closing.

Step 3. There are no upfront or hidden fees, ever. No cancellation fee either so all the risk is ours, not yours.

Savings Example

If your house sold for $850,000 how much would you pay a discount broker with a 1% listing fee or a traditional broker that charges a 6% commission compared to our SuperSmart Listing program?

Discount Broker
1% to listing broker = $8,500
3% to buyer’s broker = $25,500
You pay $34,000

Traditional Broker
3% to listing broker = $25,500
3% to buyer’s broker = $25,500
You pay $51,000

Showcase’s SuperSmart Listing Program
Listing fee = $3,150
2.5% to buyer’s broker = $21,250
You pay $24,400

Put thousands of extra dollars into YOUR pocket (NOT a Realtor’s) with Showcase Agency

Home Sellers

It doesn’t matter what type or size of home you’re selling. Whatever it is, pocketing the most money from the sale of your home isn’t about doing a million different things. It’s about focusing on three big things and then maximizing them.

We don’t just sell houses. We help you put more money into your pocket when you sell your home.

Here’s how:

Set an Accurate Price

Home valuation tools are a good start but not perfect. Together with you, we set your asking price using the same home valuation methods trusted by big banks. This way, your house sells for more. (That part’s actually easy.)

No Humiliating Mistakes

Selling while buying is a balancing act. Both transactions must happen very, very close together, or else. Don’t worry. We help you secure your next home and meet deadlines on both sides. This way, you enjoy a drama-free move.

Less for Us = More for You

Real estate commissions can bite a huge chunk out of your profits. Our fees are lower than Redfin, Purplebricks, and most brokers, Realtors and agents. Period. Put thousands back into your pocket when you become a client.


Bottomline Lock-Down

Negotiations can be emotionally and financially draining. Don’t fret. Getting together with us to brainstorm your options is like putting your profits & timing on lock-down. (We’re notorious for demolishing problems that threaten our clients’ profits & happiness.)

Hit the Buyer Jackpot

Buyers skip over homes with dark photos, weird camera angles and ho-hum descriptions. Never fear. From stunning photos to a carefully crafted story that showcases your home, to a cool, interactive 3D video – your home never looked better. Everywhere online.

A Stress Nightmare

Research shows that selling one house while buying another can be incredibly stressful. It doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing better to get rid of stress than partnering with us at Showcase Agency. We’re focusing on your profits and timing, constantly.

Selling one home while buying another?

Research proves it’s not so easy-peasy & many sellers report regret & frustration:


First-time sellers who made one or more price changes to get it sold


Sellers with kids who struggled timing their sale with their purchase


Sellers who made one or more compromises to seal the deal


Sellers without a bidding war

When toddlers turn into teens

Another bathroom goes from wish-list to must-have

You can pocket more money & enjoy a drama-free move.

Even if you’re a first-time seller, juggling work & kids or timing your sale with the purchase of another home.

Welcome to Our Family

Once you become a Showcase Agency client, we’re focusing on your profits and timing, constantly. We’re with you from start to finish so you can sell when you want and for the highest price without sitting on the market for months or stressing about price drops and negotiations.

What You “Get” as a Client

The main “thing” you get is a flood of qualified buyers who are red-hot for your home. You also get a strategic partner to help you with pricing and timing. We’ll help you meet deadlines while working around your schedule so you don’t have to take time off work to meet us. One more “thing” you get is someone to lead contract negotiations. We’re notorious for demolishing problems that threaten our clients’ profits and happiness. So getting together with us to hash out your negotiating options is like putting your profits and timing on lock-down.

What It Really Costs

If you ask us to list your home (and if we accept), our fee is $3,150. But if you think about it, it really doesn’t cost you anything. Why? Because it puts money back in your pocket. How? Our fees are lower than Redfin, Purplebricks, and most brokers, Realtors and agents. Period. Simply pay our flat fee and the buyer-side commission (typically 2% to 3%) at closing. Other companies charge a commission of 4% to 7% or more, or force you to pay their listing fees even if your home doesn’t sell. At Showcase Agency, there are no upfront or hidden fees so all the risk is ours, not yours. If it doesn’t work out, we want to be the losers, not you.

Being a seller & buyer at the same time in today’s market is a balancing act


It wasn't just like selling a house. It was like, "This is your life. This is your home. This is your legacy or whatever it is. And this is very important to you." She got that very quickly. And it was like, "Oh, she gets us."

Matt & Pam, clients since 2017

Karin was so kind and helpful when we sold our house & she also helped us buy a house. During the whole process she helped explain all the paperwork, she was always so positive and always had that big smile.

Benito & Romana, clients since 2016

Working with Karin & Brian was the best home buying experience my family and I could have ever expected.

Armando & Karina, clients since 2016

We would work with her again in a heartbeat. (And we have.)

David & Mayra, clients since 2013

I would give Karin and Brian ten stars if I could. There are many real estate agents out there, but if you want someone that truly cares about you, is knowledgable, amazingly quick response by e-mail or phone call, detail and solution oriented, and on top of all this, an excellent negotiator, seriously consider their services.

Jackie, client since 2016

She goes over and above what I would expect from a real estate agent.

Alice, client since 2018

Karin's professionalism, knowledge and patience is like no other.

Hugo & Lorena, clients since 2017

Pick what’s right for you.

Private Phone Consultation

Schedule a free private phone consultation to find out if we’re the best fit to sell your home and you’ll pocket a $50 Visa gift card just for hearing what we have to offer you.

In the first 9 minutes of our conversation, we can reveal:

  • Our proprietary 3-step system to bring in immediate, multiple offers for almost any house, townhouse, condo or multi-family home.
  • How to ignite a “best and final” bidding war by letting the offers compete against each other so your home sells for the highest possible price.
  • How to use the “leftover” (rejected) offers as negotiating leverage to save large amounts of cash.
  • How you can save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and fees because our listing fee is only $3,150, paid at closing, and includes all listing services and marketing. (There are no upfront or hidden fees, ever, so all the risk is ours, not yours.)

At the end of this consultation, if you feel like we wasted even one second of your time, just tell us and we’ll give you another $50 Visa gift card or donate $100 to the charity of your choice.

No questions asked. Your time is important and we respect that.

Click Private Phone Consultation below to see if you and your home meet our requirements or call 1-800-644-4083.

Quick Q&A Call

If you have questions about selling or buying real estate anywhere in California, and would like to ask one of our licensed Realtors, then we’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Click Quick Q&A Call below to schedule. We promise to never act sales-y, do anything weird that makes you feel uncomfortable, or pressure you to buy or sell.

Click Quick Q&A Call to get started or call 1-800-644-4083.


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What this is not:

Not a Bait & Switch

Bait-and-switch tricks are used by real estate companies when they advertise or promise something good, but give you a sales pitch instead. That’s uncomfortable, and that’s not us.

Not a Gimmick

Gimmicks are used by real estate companies to grab your attention or get their foot in the door, but they have strings attached and fine print. That’s deceptive, and that’s not us.

Not a Low-Ball Offer

Low-ball offers are used by real estate agents and fix & flip sharks to buy your home significantly below market value. That’s cheating you out of your equity, and that’s not us.